AZZ Recreation - ski lift
Ski lifts need to be built to withstand cold winter conditions and the abrasive dings and dents often incurred to recreation equipment. This is the main reason why the ski lift at a resort was hot-dip galvanized (HDG).
AZZ Recreation - racetrack
With scores of silver seating rows spanning far into the distance, racetracks are cherished attractions for any community. Rust from corrosion only dulls the city’s charm. For decades, the only corrosion protection used to protect the massive collection of steel used in this structure was paint
AZZ Recreation - town center
This suburban community, known for its natural resources, has a history of taking a long term view of community development. Establishing parks and creating quality, recreational and open space opportunities is a high priority for the city.
AZZ Petrochemical oil bridge
Spanning eleven active railroad tracks, the oil bridge needs durable protection from the rough, corrosive industrial environment of the railway system.
AZZ Galvanizing - rear frame and bumper assembly
Committed to longevity and quality, one of the largest tractor trailer manufacturers in the US approached AZZ in need of protection for their rear frame and bumper assemblies.
AZZ OEM towmaster
The trailer manufacturer prides itself on building tough trailers built for tough duty. In 2010, they made the decision to start hot-dip galvanizing their trailers to provide a competitive advantage.
AZZ Galvanizing - utility trailors
As an established innovator in the trailer industry, the manufacturer noticed corrosion was impeding their charge to provide high quality, durable, long lasting products to their customers.
AZZ industrial Aggregate screening plant
Located in the harsh environment of a limestone quarry, the aggregate screening plant must withstand constant bombardment of small and large pieces of limestone rocks.